A Year of Reminders

The past year including the beginning of this year have been a great reminder to me of why I love the things I do, and why life despite being painful is also fun. This past year was like waking up from a terrible nightmare. I had felt terrible and had doubts about where my life was going. This year brought me back into reality and showed me that there is plenty to love.

Doom and Overwatch have reminded me that games are supposed to be fun. Doom was amazing with it’s fast paced brutal combat that brought me back to my time playing Duke Nukem 3d when I was young. While Overwatch has reminded me of why online multiplayer shooters are fun. It reminded me of when I played Call of Duty 4 when it came out. The fast paced combat, the quick casual nature of it where you go on shoot some randoms, top the leader boards and have a good time.

Playing Breath of the Wilds has reminded me of the great feeling of wonder in video games. It is Zelda unlike I have ever seen it before. Taming a horse and riding through the wide plains of Hyrule is one of my favorite gaming moments of the year. Many thanks to Spencer for letting me hog his new switch.

I finished watching the two seasons of The Man in the High Castle which has impressed me a lot and is one of my favorite series of the past three years. I can’t wait for the third season.

Konosuba made me laugh a lot and reminded me of the first time I watched the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. What got me into the show was the joy of watching a gang of quirky people who would be unable to function apart work so well together. The animation was beautiful, and the jokes were on point. Watching Aqua freak out, and Darkness make pervy faces was hilarious. Plus I got to watch it with a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for a few years.I

This was also the year I got my confidence and sense of purpose back. My confidence was waning, I felt alone despite having many friends, I doubted who I was, and felt a terrible case of imposter syndrome. However my trip to Sweden and return has changed everything. I made so many friends in Sweden and it helped boost my confidence and reminded me that I am a good person, a talented person, a person who has friends because I am someone who people want to spend time with. It removed this doubt in my mind that people were just putting up with me and didn’t really want me around.

My return has hammered that home. I returned to cheers and smiles as I found out that everyone had been following my journey in Sweden but just didn’t tell me that they were. Since coming back I have gone to two parties both of which my friends were glad to see me arrive, a knowledge in my mind that they see the party as better simply because I am there. That is a knowledge that is very important to me, to feel wanted is a feeling I crave and that I have not been lacking for the past year.