Nier: Automata Brief Thoughts

About a month and a half ago I bought Nier Automata when it was on sale. I had heard goods, I loved the look of the characters, the visuals, and with Platinum involved I knew the gameplay would be good. It got across the board glowing reviews. So I pulled the trigger and got it. One of the best decisions I have made, as of right now I have put 41 hours into the game and am on track to 100% it.

For a game to stand out to me I have to have an intense desire to finish the game, it must have an emotional impact, and I have to want to replay or 100% the game after beating it. In all my time playing video games there have only been a handful of game that have truly stood out as great rather than good. A few examples include Valdis Story, Bastion, Bioshock Infinite, and Singularity. Nier Automata goes right to the top and is my favorite game of all time right now. I cannot think of a better game I have played. The story, the characters, the environments, the music, the bosses, the gameplay, all of it is so incredibly well done, so polished. The game is one of the best examples of how to meld gameplay and mechanics with story. I really cannot say enough good things about this game.

More than anything what impressed me is how emotionally affected I was by the game. I am not someone who gets easily attached to characters, and it is pretty damn hard to make me cry while playing a game. But this game managed it. It managed to not just get me to cry but left me angry, hurt, and pretty upset. For about two weeks after finishing the game it was all I could think about.

Overall Nier: Automata is an incredible game and I think it puts Yoko Taro on the same level as Kojima as a weird brilliant mastermind.

I am planning on writing a longer form piece about the game but that takes time so I will see.