NA LCS Predictions 2018 Spring Week 4

Going into week 4 we’re seeing teams fall roughly where most fans would have predicted, excluding veteran organizations like TSM and CLG. Now that they’re emerging from their week 1-2 slumps and we’re seeing a more coordinated effort from them, I would expect them to continue to rise in the standings and fight for the top slot and a round one playoff bye; but it’s not going to be easy with how strong the current top three of Cloud9, Echo Fox and especially Team Liquid. In truly counter-logic fashion, CLG defied my predictions for week three in a 40-minute back and forth game with FOX that involved some truly strange fights around Baron and Elder Dragon. Strong showings by Darshan and Stixxay helped push CLG to victory, and Huhi landed some clutch sleeps with Zoe onto Dardoch when he tried to engage around Elder Dragon, and later Altec and Fenix to close out the game. The story of this game was truly concentrated in the teamfights around neutral objectives, though FOX managed to build a small lead after the second Baron taken, CLG had superior teamwork when it counted along with having a Zoe. Continue reading “NA LCS Predictions 2018 Spring Week 4”

NA LCS Predictions 2018 Spring Week 3

We’re now two weeks into the newly franchised North American League of Legends Championship Series, and so far the games have been as crazy as the off-season trades and acquisitions would have suggested. Some rosters have had surprising results, both good and bad, and I would wager there are more surprises than expected outcomes from most fans and analysts. I made a power rankings based on the rosters before the season began for where I thought most teams might end up by the end of the season, and I’ll admit I’m having to re-evaluate some teams based on the first two weeks. While each time has only played 4 out of the 18 games they’ll participate in this split, and some teams will always look better at the start of the season or during certain metas, the mostly veteran rosters of seasoned LCS squads like TSM and CLG have had a disappointing start to the season. On the other side of the standings, the new roster of Echo Fox as well as the brand new 100 Thieves have shown strong starts to the season, and only time will tell if their strategies, strengths and weaknesses will be figured out by the other teams. Continue reading “NA LCS Predictions 2018 Spring Week 3”