Dominaria Legendary Card Review – Multicolor and Artifacts

This is a continuation of my Dominaria legends review, part one was all of the mono-colored creatures and legends, and I will finish with multicolor and and artifacts/colorless in this article. In case you need a reminder, these rating are based on EDH/Commander, and also include non-creature legendaries, such as the new legendary sorceries, planeswalkers and on this page, artifacts. Continue reading “Dominaria Legendary Card Review – Multicolor and Artifacts”

Dominaria Legendary Card Review – Mono Color

Since I am primarily an EDH/Commander player (I’m going to use EDH for this article), I’m going to do a quick review of all the new legends we’re getting in Dominaria. This will include non-creature legends, such as the new legendary sorceries as well as enchantments and artifacts. I will also try to include some other effective cards, such as Broken Bond, which has great value during the first few turns if you can destroy an opponents Sol Ring/signet and ramp yourself ahead a land.

The early interaction between Broken Bond and Sol Ring/Signets could be a power play early in EDH.

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League of Legends Playoff Bracket Predictions: Spring 2018

Since the regular split of the North American and European regions ends after this weekend’s games, instead of my regular game predictions I’m going to predict how the playoff bracket will look after this weekend. The Korean league still has four series this week followed by their final week, though their results should be a bit easier to predict with King-Zone already clinching a first place finish. Since we have only seen best-of-ones in NA and EU, it’s too volatile to predict how longer series will go in playoffs, so I will only be predicting round one and two seeds for the relevant teams. Continue reading “League of Legends Playoff Bracket Predictions: Spring 2018”

NA LCS Predictions: 2018 Spring Week 8


With two weeks remaining in the regular season most of the six playoff slots have been secured, though the top six teams will still be battling for better seeds in the playoff bracket. While Echo Foxlogo std.pngEcho Fox, Cloud9logo std.pngCloud9 and Clutch Gaminglogo std.pngClutch Gaming have guaranteed playoff slots, the teams competing for the remaining slots could have a more difficult time securing their place in playoffs. It’s unlikely that the three teams tied in last place will manage to reach playoffs, since it would require winning nearly all of their remaining games as well as the teams above them in the standings to lose most of their games. Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCLG will be a team to watch over the next two weeks, after their impressive improvement last week taking down both Cloud9logo std.pngC9 and Team Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquid, there’s still a chance Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCLG could edge out some of their competition and sneak into playoffs.

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NA LCS Predictions 2018 Spring Week 4

Going into week 4 we’re seeing teams fall roughly where most fans would have predicted, excluding veteran organizations like TSM and CLG. Now that they’re emerging from their week 1-2 slumps and we’re seeing a more coordinated effort from them, I would expect them to continue to rise in the standings and fight for the top slot and a round one playoff bye; but it’s not going to be easy with how strong the current top three of Cloud9, Echo Fox and especially Team Liquid. In truly counter-logic fashion, CLG defied my predictions for week three in a 40-minute back and forth game with FOX that involved some truly strange fights around Baron and Elder Dragon. Strong showings by Darshan and Stixxay helped push CLG to victory, and Huhi landed some clutch sleeps with Zoe onto Dardoch when he tried to engage around Elder Dragon, and later Altec and Fenix to close out the game. The story of this game was truly concentrated in the teamfights around neutral objectives, though FOX managed to build a small lead after the second Baron taken, CLG had superior teamwork when it counted along with having a Zoe. Continue reading “NA LCS Predictions 2018 Spring Week 4”

NA LCS Predictions 2018 Spring Week 3

We’re now two weeks into the newly franchised North American League of Legends Championship Series, and so far the games have been as crazy as the off-season trades and acquisitions would have suggested. Some rosters have had surprising results, both good and bad, and I would wager there are more surprises than expected outcomes from most fans and analysts. I made a power rankings based on the rosters before the season began for where I thought most teams might end up by the end of the season, and I’ll admit I’m having to re-evaluate some teams based on the first two weeks. While each time has only played 4 out of the 18 games they’ll participate in this split, and some teams will always look better at the start of the season or during certain metas, the mostly veteran rosters of seasoned LCS squads like TSM and CLG have had a disappointing start to the season. On the other side of the standings, the new roster of Echo Fox as well as the brand new 100 Thieves have shown strong starts to the season, and only time will tell if their strategies, strengths and weaknesses will be figured out by the other teams. Continue reading “NA LCS Predictions 2018 Spring Week 3”

The Game of Twenty Questions

Legend of the Five Rings Character Creation Impressions

an ongoing series of articles highlighting the GM side of the FFG Legend of the Five Rings Fifth edition beta. For a player perspective check out Feldia’s articles.

After reaching out to some of my gaming friends I had assembled a group of four players that were interested in exploring L5R. Interestingly none of them have any experience with any of the tentacles of the L5R beast but were all on board for what I pitched to them as a fantasy samurai drama game. After furiously creating a Google Sheet for a character sheet with two of the players we internet met to do character creation. The game of twenty questions is one of those institutions in RPGs that persist through editions. It gives the players a good idea of what this game is before they even play and helps them build out the skeleton of a stats-only character into a fun person to be, which is what the goal of a character creation system should be. That doesn’t necessarily mean a happy person, some people just want to watch their character burn. L5R is a game for those people.

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Legend of the Five Rings Character Rebuild

part of an ongoing series of articles highlighting the player side of the FFG Legend of the Five Rings Fifth edition beta. For a GM perspective check out Meatyogre’s articles.

With the beta campaign done it was decided that we should rebuild our characters using the updated rules. The DM (meatyOgre) and myself met and did the rebuild about three weeks ago. I am pleased with the updates to the experience and leveling system. Continue reading “Legend of the Five Rings Character Rebuild”

Systematic Chaos by Dream Theater (2007)

Systematic Chaos is Dream Theater’s ninth album and their first under Roadrunner Records. The album marked a slight departure from their previous form after keyboardist Jordan Rudess joined the band on 1999’s Metropolis Part 2, as the four albums that precede Systematic Chaos had been concept albums in some sense. Though guitarist John Petrucci and drummer Mike Portnoy had produced every album from Metropolis onward to Portnoy’s departure, I feel that Systematic Chaos marks the beginning of Dream Theater’s weaker catalog in the latter part of their career, as they had possibly gotten a little too comfortable in their own style. Where Train of Thought and Octavarium had artistic restrictions that promoted creative songwriting – Train of Thought being one of their heaviest albums and Octavarium‘s songs proceeding in ascending key order – the seven tracks on Systematic Chaos lack a consistent vision or unifying theme, which some had come to expect from Dream Theater. Individually I feel that most songs off of this album are about average quality for Dream Theater, excluding the 26 minute epic “In the Presence of Enemies.” Continue reading “Systematic Chaos by Dream Theater (2007)”

Legend of the Five Rings End of Game Impressions and Follow-up

part of an ongoing series of articles highlighting the player side of the FFG Legend of the Five Rings Fifth edition beta. For a GM perspective check out Meatyogre’s articles.

My group finished the starter campaign for the beta a few weeks ago. The verdict? I love this system. It delivered on everything I had wanted from it; the drama, the action, the politics, and the role playing. When Fantasy Flight Games release a physical book I am going to buy it for sure. I like this system much more than the Fantasy Flight Star Wars system. Continue reading “Legend of the Five Rings End of Game Impressions and Follow-up”