11 Lesser Known Songs from Video Games

I love listening to video game music and in the interest of sharing some of these lesser known songs I have put together a list of eleven songs in no particular order that I love. All these songs are from games that are not known for their soundtracks, are a different version of the song, were a bonus release, or have been overshadowed by other songs on the soundtrack. I have no musical training so all of this is based off of what sounds pleasing to my ear. Continue reading “11 Lesser Known Songs from Video Games”

Fire Emblem Fates Thoughts and Impressions

About three weeks ago I finished my play through of Fire Emblem Birthright on the 3ds. I am going to be writing my thoughts not just about Birthright but about Fates as a whole using what I know about Conquest and Revelations from reading plot synopsis and forums. Going into Fates I had knowledge of the several controversies that hovered around the game at the time of release such as the accusations of gay conversion in regards to one character, the problems with the localization, and the removal of head patting mini game. The overall consensus online being that FE Fates was trash. So with that context out of the way I will continue.

Heavy spoilers ahead Continue reading “Fire Emblem Fates Thoughts and Impressions”

Fire Emblem Awakening Impressions

I recently finished playing Fire Emblem Awakening so now I am going to write about my experience with it. Turn based tactical strategy RPGs are a rare breed. When they are done they tend to be good. Joan of Arc, Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem series, Tactics Ogre; all of these series that are renowned but in comparison to other genres there are not nearly as many series or games. Continue reading “Fire Emblem Awakening Impressions”

From Mars to Sirius by Gojira (2005)

From Mars to Sirius by Gojira (2005)

“Why do they call me there
How can I fly…”

Champions of bone-crushing riffs and powerful growled vocal preformances, Gojira’s unrelenting focus on grooving, heavy guitars and precision drumming will have me tuned in for years to come. From Mars to Sirius is the result of Gojira’s sound developing into their own unique brand of metal after their first two efforts. Where Terra Incognita (2001) and The Link (2003) borrowed from death and groove metal, Gojira would establish their own sound on this album, demonstrating their new chops in full form. Continue reading “From Mars to Sirius by Gojira (2005)”


Welcome to my music blog! Most of my pieces here will be album reviews, with a focus on Rock and Metal.

Occasionally I will also post reviews outside these styles as well as other features; such as rating a bands discography or an introduction to a genre. These features will likely be structured as lists and will not be as detailed as the album reviews. Continue reading “Intro”

A Year of Reminders

The past year including the beginning of this year have been a great reminder to me of why I love the things I do, and why life despite being painful is also fun. This past year was like waking up from a terrible nightmare. I had felt terrible and had doubts about where my life was going. This year brought me back into reality and showed me that there is plenty to love. Continue reading “A Year of Reminders”