The Game of Twenty Questions

Legend of the Five Rings Character Creation Impressions

an ongoing series of articles highlighting the GM side of the FFG Legend of the Five Rings Fifth edition beta. For a player perspective check out Feldia’s articles.

After reaching out to some of my gaming friends I had assembled a group of four players that were interested in exploring L5R. Interestingly none of them have any experience with any of the tentacles of the L5R beast but were all on board for what I pitched to them as a fantasy samurai drama game. After furiously creating a Google Sheet for a character sheet with two of the players we internet met to do character creation. The game of twenty questions is one of those institutions in RPGs that persist through editions. It gives the players a good idea of what this game is before they even play and helps them build out the skeleton of a stats-only character into a fun person to be, which is what the goal of a character creation system should be. That doesn’t necessarily mean a happy person, some people just want to watch their character burn. L5R is a game for those people.

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Clear Choices L5R beta Impressions

Clear Choices

Legend of the Five Rings Role Playing Game Open beta First Impressions

an ongoing series of articles highlighting the GM side of the FFG Legend of the Five Rings Fifth edition beta. For a player perspective check out Feldia’s articles.

After a few weeks of anxious anticipation and checking to make sure that my email had indeed been submitted I have finally been able to rip into the hefty beta document. I have participated in a few RPG betas before (Modiphius Star Trek, D&D Next) this one really surprised me by the scope of the content we were getting access to. Overall I like Fantasy Flight and their RPGs, played a few years of the Star Wars proprietary dice system and have come to really admire the things that system does well. I’m  using several other games as touchstones here among them L5R 4e, the earlier version of the game by Alderac Entertainment before Fantasy Flight purchased the L5R property. Fourth Edition L5R is an astounding game to me, it stands head and shoulders above many of its contemporaries by encouraging character drama and interpersonal conflict without derailing its own intentions. It is the delicate interplay of the fatalistic world and the particular type of  tangible samurai drama that creates a really fun play space for all involved. After many rumours about this game using the FFG Genesys/Star Wars dice system I was cautiously optimistic, below in a kind of slapdash order are my thoughts on the beta.

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